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Welcome to the Performance Ideas blog! My name is Christoph Papenfuss and I have run this blog since October of 2010.

Christoph Papenfuss

Christoph Papenfuss

Analytics and data have been a passion of mine for a long time. As a management consultant at KPMG’s Silicon Valley office, I worked with many companies on improving their performance management processes. In 2003, I joined Cognos as a client director in charge of managing the US West Coast professional services business. It was a fun time working with many different succesful businesses on gaining value from their data. In 2007, I moved to Europe to develop and manage the Cognos Innovation Center. Our team was focused on defining best practices and on providing advisory services to the global Cognos customer community. Following the Cognos acquisition by IBM, I also spent a lot of time speaking at international conferences about analytics related topics.  You can see me in action on the Video tab of this blog.

Today, I am a global account manager for OSIsoft (the company that makes the famous PI System). In this role, I work with our global business partners on developing strategies for gaining value from the massive amounts of data generated by sensors and machines.

When I am not traveling, you can often spot me somewhere around the Bavarian Alps hiking with my family, riding my roadbike or taking photographs with one of my Nikon cameras.

Thanks much for your interest in this blog. Please feel free to share your comments. Discussion is essential for progressing our thinking.

Christoph Papenfuss


Please note that this is a personal site and the views expressed in this blog are my own and are not necessarily representative of those of the companies that I am working for or have worked for in the past.

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    I am a career CFO and have been occupying the position of either CFO or Controller in different companies for the past 19 years. Throughout my entire career I have been placing the highest priority on Performance Analysis . Long time before KPIs and dashboards became familiar terms, I have been tailoring information into reports that facilitated best executive decision-making. I am glad that you have found the time to come back to writing your posts. If you have a moment to spare, please, check out my blog The Frustrated CFO at My focus lies in smaller entrepreneurial businesses and the blog covers broader issues related to the plight of financial executives employed by them. Nevertheless, you may find some of the issues interesting for yourself and your colleagues. Meanwhile, I will subscribe to your blog in anticipation of new posts.